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Rounded Rectangle: Senior Superintendent of Police
Rounded Rectangle: Supdt. of Police Operation
Rounded Rectangle: Supdt. of Police Detective
Oval: DSP City
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-City Gurdaspur
Rounded Rectangle: PP-Jaura Chhittran
Rounded Rectangle: PP-Dostpur
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Sadar Gurdaspur
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Kalanaur
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Tibber
Rounded Rectangle: PP-Wadala Banger
Rounded Rectangle: PP-Bakhsiwal
Oval: DSP 
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Dhariwal
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Kahnuwan
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Bhaini Mian Khan
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Oval: DSP Dinanagar
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Dorangla
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Behrampur
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Dinanagar
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Purana Shalla
Oval: DSP H.Q.
Oval: DSP Cmd. Centre

Supervision of District Police Office, All Units of Police Lines

Supervision of Control Room, QRT Teams and Police Training Centre.

Rounded Rectangle: PP-Tugalwal
Rounded Rectangle: PP-Bariar
Rounded Rectangle: Supdt. of Police Headquarter 
Oval: DSP Kalanaur
Flowchart: Terminator: PS-Ghuman Kalan
Rounded Rectangle: PP-Phulra
Rounded Rectangle: PP-Bianpur
Oval: DSP Women Cell

Supervision of Crime Against Women &  Children.

Rounded Rectangle: Supdt. of Police P.B.I.
Oval: DSP Narcotic Cell

Supervision of Narcotic Crime in the District.